lundi 28 février 2011

Wembley Experience...The mini blog

I know it's not a blog about Football but I also learnt that England is the country where Music, Fashion and Football are really close... It's been a fantastic experience to go to Saint Andrews last year and it's been a massive and impressive one to go to the wonderful stadium of Wembley this year. Of course, I'm sided for the Blues now, do not yell, I respect every English supporter cause it's a lifetime commitment...I do admire the way you have to be with your team anyway, anywhere, anyhow!

Simon is looking a bit more nervous than me! I've told him (I swear it's true!) than the Blues are gonna win and I asked him to watch carefully before the first goal

Blues' crowd singing along "Keep right on", the Blues Anthem.

Horses and policemen but pretty cool atmosphere.


Anton and Clem with Si, DNA bluenose and new bluenoses!

Boys at Wembley with me, awesome!

And the blues Won, Wembley became paradise!